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The Interior Lookbook is a very special expressive tool developed by Barbara Glasner and Franziska Holzmann, offering any number of possibilities for staging products and projects. The focus of this kind of lookbook is on pictorial worlds custom developed for and with the client, complemented by expert texts, essays or corporate specials on related topics spotlighting interiors, furniture, textiles, colors and accessories. The Interior Lookbook thus purposely distances itself from the presentations to be found in conventional product catalogs.


As an external means of communication, such lookbooks are aimed principally at current end consumers and planners in the fields of interior design, architecture and furnishing as well as representing a credible statement directed at the opinion-shaping design community.


The Interior Lookbook seeks to fire the client’s imagination and, at the same time, awaken a desire for particular products. And within specific companies, it serves as a set of guidelines and an inspirational tool for staff, dealers and sales for implementing a company’s product and corporate philosophy.


By virtue of its layout character, the concepts that can be implemented with the Interior Lookbook range from blogs to printed magazines, books, “making of” photo albums and even short digital films. The way that the Interior Lookbook differs in its format, the frequency and method of its publication from a classic company brochure gives it the freedom to react more independently and more quickly to happenings on the market, trends and events as well as to be more appropriate to specific occasions.


Together with the client concepts are worked out for the look and feel of the Interior Lookbook. Here, the focus is on adopting an emotional method of positioning products and the relevant corporate philosophies and on aligning these to cultural events. The Interior Lookbook will be realized and its editorial content created by experienced graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and designers. Both the main concept and the individual design assignments will be coordinated by us together with the project team and the client.


With their longstanding experience in the design and interior furnishing sector and their great passion for the subject, Barbara Glasner and Franziska Holzmann are strongly networked with the worlds of design, architecture and art, as well as the media and companies involved in the interior design sector and the manufacturing industry. They regularly go in search of new trends at international trade fairs and on international trips and they question these in exchanges of opinions with experts from other sectors.


Interior architect Barbara Glasner works as a consultant, and author and a design and architecture curator. As of 2001, she has curated “ideal house cologne” for the German Design Council; she also devised the concept for the interior trends books and trend exhibitions for the Cologne Furniture Fair. In 2008, she edited “Patterns 2, Design, Art, and Architecture”, published by Birkhäuser Verlag, and, in 2009, “CHROMA Design, Architecture and Art in Color”.


Franziska Holzmann has headed her own design consulting bureau since 2009. Having trained in Germany and Finland in interior architecture and as a designer, she prefers an interdisciplinary approach to her projects, combining design, strategy and communications for customers from the worlds of design and architecture. From 2005 through 2008 she was active in design management at Stylepark AG.

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